Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Playing around, carving my new 7 ply, with 2 hardwood layers, that was kindly donated by my partner's folks. They wanted to get rid of it anyway. One piece is 1200 x 2400. Score. Because the grain crosses between layers, I can chip each layer like this.

I sand blasted it and came out better than I expected. It ate into the softer parts, giving more definition between fibers. Kinda how drift wood looks. It's made lots of detail I wouldn't be able to carve. Could be great on larger scales.

I bought some shellac yesterday on Paul recommendation. So I started shellacking the hell out of everything. It's cool stuff, made from beetle shells, cheaper than varnish, and easy to thin out or thicken.
Another shellacked piece of ply. I was drawing a portrait, but wasn't working, so sanded it off. The hardwood part is good enough; there are variation in colour, knots, and it's been seasoned out side for a couple of years. I can take whole layers of ply off to make it look like a hardwood panel, which I'm going to do for at least 1 major work.

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